About Us

Utah Medical Outreach
a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing medical, surgical, and humanitarian services to needy children, individuals, and families who do not otherwise have access to these services. Comprised of a team of medical professionals and relevant volunteers, Utah Medical Outreach visits Guatemala semi-annually, providing medical services without cost to the recipients.

Medical and Surgical Services
A significant number of children, individuals, and families lack access to proper medical and surgical care, particularly in developing countries. To help this population live more productive lives, Utah Medical Outreach has assembled a Medical Team consisting of volunteer medical and surgical professionals, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, other physicians, nurses, student nurses, and non-medical personnel who perform and assist in surgical and medical procedures. Participation in Utah Medical Outreach's Medical Team is open to all qualified medical professionals and volunteers who wish to donate their services.

Humanitarian and Health Education Services
In addition to the Medical Team, Utah Medical Outreach occasionally assembles a Humanitarian Team consisting of health educators, volunteers, and other qualified individuals to visit communities and provide humanitarian and health education services.

Operating Costs
Utah Medical Outreach depends on donations of surgical equipment, medical instruments, and medical supplies to run its programs. It also seeks donations for the material resources necessary to perform surgeries, hold educational clinics, and provide other humanitarian services.

All medical professionals and volunteers affiliated with Utah Medical Outreach donate their time and pay their own expenses when traveling to Guatemala.

Utah Medical Outreach is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community-minded individuals who are medical doctors. Members of the Board of Directors do not currently receive any compensation for their services.

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