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Board of Directors

Utah Medical Outreach is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community-minded individuals who are medical doctors. Members of the Board of Directors do not currently receive any compensation for their services.

Utah Medical Outreach Directors:
Dr. Robert L. Mellor
Dr. Michael D. Washburn
Dr. Earl K. Leeman 
Dr. Glen McMillan
Dr. Steve Meek

Mike Mellor
John Mellor

Utah Medical Outreach Officers:

Dr. Robert L. Mellor, President
Dr. Steve Meek, Vice-president
Dr. Earl K. Leeman and Dr. Roy Mellor, Secretaries
Dr. Brian Hales, Treasurer

Utah Medical Outreach Physician Staff:
Dr. Brian Hales, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Earl K. Leeman, Anesthesiologist
Dr. Glen McMillan, Dentist
Dr. Steve Meek, Gynecology
Dr. Robert L. Mellor, ENT
Dr. Roy Mellor, Anesthesiologist
Craig Sacco, Audiologist
Shellie Sacco, Audiologist
Dr. Michael D. Washburn, Ophthalmologist